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How is that Apple manages to create such raving fans while the church collects such fierce critics? What can we learn about growing a healthy church from ‘the gospel according to Apple’?

  • Apple values beauty & style

  • Apple makes their front door easy & their environment so attractive you can’t wait to return

  • Apple employs geniuses

  • Apple knows when something doesn’t work and kills it fast

  • Apple is quick to adapt to a changing world

  • Apple isn’t boring

  • Apple makes customers feel like VIP’s

  • Apple does keynote presentation that are simply irresistible

  • Apple is fun

Eve’s apple changed the world from the very beginning; Newton’s applechanged it again in 1687…Then in 1976 Steve Job’s Apple changed the operating system of an entire generation.

And here’s Apple’s secret…

Apple only grew after Jobs took over the company and started to CLARIFY its message.

Prior to Jobs’ arrival, Apple released a 9-page ad in the New York Times spelling out all the technical features of their Lisa computers. Nobody understood the message and the computer bombed.

Then Jobs arrived and he slimmed those 9-pages down to just 2 words which Apple ran on billboards across America – Think Different.

Jobs understood that if you remove clutter and confusion you get results and your fierce critics become raving fans.

Clarity + Simplicity = Portability

If you want your message to be easily carried by everyone in your church make sure its clear and simple.

  1. Start the process of clarifying your message by asking: What’s not clear around here? What problems are we solving? What solutions are we offering?

  2. Next, boil it all down to something clear & simple. Complex paragraphs and sentences don’t stick. Make it memorable & conversational.

  3. Finally, repeat it regularly. You can never over communicate your vision.

If I can do anything to help you build a compelling vision that your church can hold on to, and then reinforce that vision through your actions, please hit me up. I’d love to hang out with you and your team and help you grow your church by reaching unchurched people. Get in touch.

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