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Leadership is complicated and often overwhelming.

You want to get it right.

So here are three ‘leadership hacks’ that will help make it simpler than it seems…

Some leaders have an office wall full diplomas and qualifications in management but struggle to find any followers. Others have little or no academic prowess but seem to effortlessly lead people everyday.

Maybe its because they’ve mastered some basic skills that other leaders often miss.

Here are three simple hacks you can’t afford to miss. Own them and you’ll become a more effective leader.

1. How to quickly get game-changing advice from another great leader…

Leadership is lonely. And contrary to popular belief, we don’t have all the answers or even the necessary talent to solve all the problems that come our way.

So great leaders will always look for advice from greater leaders. People who have walked the path longer and further than we have. However, the questions we ask them don’t always get us the honest advice we are actually looking for.

Instead of asking, “Do you have any advice for me?” Try asking this simple question: “What would you do differently if you were me?” I’ve always found the first question solicits a standard leadership platitude. Whereas the second one gives a wise leader licence to give me the honest truth I am actually looking for.

2. How to avoid asking pointless questions and get better feedback…

You’re closing out a one-to-one leadership conversation with someone from your team. During the conversation you’ve no doubt made some observations and maybe even outlined some action points to which you need them to pay attention. Finally you check your watch, close your laptop, and ask, “So… any questions?”

We’ve all done it and probably all got the same awkward silence followed by the same awkward response.

“Nope… I think I’m good thanks.”

If you want some actual feedback instead of making a general throwaway question ask something specific like, “What do you think could go wrong with this?”

You’ll get a far better response every time.

3. How to swap your easily forgettable list of ‘value statements’ for a more effective list of ‘actionable behaviours.’

Every organisation writes a list of staff or team value statements that include words like respect, integrity or excellence. Nobody ever remembers them because they are neither actionable or specific. So they get shoved in a filing cabinet and never see the light of day again.

What if you moved from vague value concepts to defining actionable behaviours that help create the culture you crave for your team?

Spend some quality time with your top team defining no more than six core behaviours. Once they are introduced make sure you re-enforce them in every email, every conversation and every team meeting.

A powerful way to do this is to add a clarifying question to each behaviour.

Here are three examples of staff behavioural commitment statements from North Point Community Church in Atlanta. Each one comes with a great clarifying question that helps shape working culture:

  1. We commit to replacing ourselves as leaderswho am I empowering to do what I do?

  2. We commit to collaborating on projectswhere am I leveraging the talent & skills of people outside my primary team?

  3. We commit to taking it personallyHow am I personally engaged with our mission & vision?

And finally, a great next step for you…

When a leader gets better, the entire organisation gets better.

Further Faster exists to help church leaders and their teams get better at growing their churches by reaching unchurched people.

Your best next step is to figure out how your church is doing at reaching lost people. Take our free 10 minute assessment here, follow the helpful links and let’s keep talking.

We are here to serve…

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Duncan Banks

Director of the Further Faster Network

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