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How To Build A Great Reputation In Your Local Community

Ali Summers & Leon Evans
Whether you meet in a school, a warehouse or an ancient building with a
steeple, do the people in your local community know you are there? Are they
glad you are there? And, maybe the most important question of all, are they
better off because you are there? For too long the church has been for what
it’s against. What would it take for your church to change its reputation and
be known what’s it for? Like the local businesses, schools, families, public
services. The most valuable thing your church owns probably isn’t your
building but your reputation. This breakout will give you some tried and
tested tips & tricks on building your churches reputation by endearing
yourself to your local community.

A New Strategy For Creating Radical Jesus Followers.

Becky Banks & Chris Porter
100% of people who don’t make spiritual growth a priority, don’t grow! So
what if your church found a new way to inspire and equip people to grow?
What if your church could adopt a new strategy to growth that helped your
people become more like Jesus, trust more like Jesus and participate in
Jesus work in the world? In this breakout you’ll discover a new resource for
discipleship that actually works in creating radical Jesus followers in your
church. A plan that helps people build relationships that reach below the
surface, establish habits that build them into who they were called to be,
pursue the truth of the bible that lights up their view of the world and dares
them to walk by faith and leave behind the familiar route.

How To Create An Unmissable Sunday Service Experience

Duncan Banks
Its never been more difficult to get people to church on Sunday. Everyone is
already over committed, and there are many other attractive Sunday options.
Besides which, most people assume your service won’t be worth their time.
However, your Sunday service can become a time of wonder and
transformation for both skeptics & saints alike. In this inspirational breakout
you’ll find a new 3 step framework that will help you evolve your approach to
Sunday services, series planning and preaching. You’ll leave with some tools that will help you create something of value each week that will see people
so enthralled with Jesus they’ll keep coming back each week and maybe
even bring a friend with them!

How To Make The Next Generation A Priority In Your Church

Laura Hancock
Whether your church is 80 or 800 there are some things about family ministry
that are universal. Like hard work, determination and teamwork. Every
generation matters but what we invest in the next generation matter most.
Parents often drag their kids to school five days a week. Wouldn’t it be
amazing if your kids were dragging their parents to your church every
Sunday? How can you create an irresistible environment and an engaging
experience for your kids & teens? How can you reach new families in your
community? And how can you build a regular partnership with parents to
raise faith in the lives of pre-schoolers to school leavers? This breakout will
give you some fresh, game winning tips and help you redefine your win in
your family ministry.

Finding & Keeping Great Volunteers You Can’t Afford To Pay

Jamie Corcoran
At the top of every church leaders agenda is the need for more volunteers –
especially in these uncharted times. None of us can afford to pay huge staff
teams so how do we find not only enough people to serve in church, but the
right people. People who can lead, inspire and get things done. And here’s
what’s at stake – your church will only grow as large as your volunteer team
enable it. You’ll never grow your church unless you master the art of valuing
your volunteers. This breakout will show you how to make your volunteers
feel significant by giving them something significant to do.

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